There are a lot of different dietary supplements available for anyone who is looking to change their bodies and wellbeing. One such dietary supplement is selective androgen receptor modulators, also known as SARMS, which many bodybuilders have claimed to be a safe substitute to steroids.

However, as with many things on the internet, all is not what it seems with SARMS and you may need to do your own research when it comes to these dietary supplements to make sure that they will provide the benefits you want.

What Does SARM Mean?

SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulators and they are a novel class of drugs that are very similar to anabolic steroids, like testosterone. They are a synthetic dietary supplement that has been designed for and claims to offer the same effects as testosterone and other muscle building steroids.

SARMs are currently still in the research and testing stages for dietary supplements which can make using it quite difficult as they operate in a somewhat grey legal area.

Nonetheless, you can still see many claims online from men who claim that selective androgen receptor modulators are the new ‘legal steroid’ and that they can offer brilliant results.

Is SARMs Legal?

SARMs are currently still going through clinical trials for certain kinds of health conditions and they have not yet been approved for any other use, such as that of a dietary supplement.

Healthcare professionals and governing bodies, like the anti-doping agency and the FDA have been watching the trials of this drug closely. 

The FDA has actually announced that SARMs are not a dietary supplement and should therefore not be used this way. The global anti-doping agency has forbidden the use of SARMs during sporting events, so athletes cannot use them professionally. 

Due to this, SARMs are currently not approved for human use.

This has not stopped a lot of unapproved sellers on the internet selling these potentially dangerous substances that are being marketed to those who want to get into bodybuilding or are looking for an alternative to steroids

Is SARMs Safe?

If you have somehow managed to purchase selective androgen receptor modulators or some other dietary supplement that contains at least one form of modulators SARMs on the label, then it is highly recommended for you not to consume them.

There is no guarantee of your safety when using SARMs due to the fact their full potential has not yet been proved or approved by governing bodies. There are some potentially damaging side effects that can come with consuming SARMs that are not fit for human consumption.

It is also important to note that when you take modulators SARMs, then you can cause a positive result if you are later tested for steroids. Using SARMs can also interfere with your natural release of testosterone, which will have some nasty healthy effects too.

Side Effects Of SARMs

Without proper testing and ingredients listed, it can be quite hard to determine what SARMs products will do to your body. It has been reported that they will ruin your eligibility in the fitness world, due to the fact SARMs are banned.

A lot of companies that market and sell SARMs are not operating legally and they do not come with proper ingredients lists. This means that those who consume these selective androgen receptor modulators, SARMS, are at risk of some life-threatening conditions.

SARMs can cause liver damage, increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. They can interfere with bone health and have increased the risk of permanent illnesses, including prostate cancer, with regular use. The FDA has reported that the long-term effects of a regular us of SARMs are still unknown and the risk is great.

Even though they are being marketed as dietary supplements, suitable for regular use, by many site agents and unapproved website owners they are not to be used as a dietary supplement. 

What To Look Out For

There are some SARM ingredients that may be found in dietary supplements that you order online or from unreputable vendors. Although these may not be marketed as androgen receptor modulators, SARMs come in many forms. These can go by different names and you will need to be diligent in your search for safe supplements to take.

These are some of the ingredients to look out for:

  • S-22
  • S-23
  • Andarine (S4)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
  • Enobosarm (Ostarine, MK-2866)
  • RAD140 (Testolone)

Any dietary supplements that you find that contain these ingredients are actually selective androgen receptor modulators, SARMs that are not regulated and are experimental drugs that have not been approved for human use – they should not be taken as dietary supplements!

It is important to note that SARMs may be listed on the ingredients list of the drugs you buy, either as one of the ingredients about or as a SARM, or they may not be listed at all. As these drugs are not regulated properly, and most of them come from online vendors, many of them do not come with any kind of information regarding the ingredients which can make them even more dangerous to consume. 

Why Use Supplements In The First Place?

There are a lot of benefits that can come from using a sports and fitness supplement, as long it is one that has been approved for human consumption and is readily available.

Supplements can improve your performance naturally and help enhance the shaping of your body for better results. It is never a good idea to shop for supplements online, but if you find that this is the easiest option for you then make sure you are using a reputable vendor that has been approved by the FDA.

Using SARMs can cause some potentially life-threatening issues which are the last thing you want from a workout aid or supplement. 

There is no evidence available to support that this drug can actually improve muscle gains and growth, but there is more than enough evidence to show that they are not good for your health.

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